A August Overview

The markets have continued with some volatility in the last three months. We started off the year in strong fashion, but the summer months have given way to a level of uncertainty. As we roll into our next election cycle and the close of 2019, there are several themes we are focused on. Here are three:

US vs China – This trade war has been going on for quite some time and seems to catch the headlines daily. Unfortunately, the trade war continues to escalate. But, it appears China is getting the worst end of the deal as we import almost five times what we export to them.

A Slowing US Economy – The indicators appear to show a slowing of the economy in the second half of this year. With the softness in the global economy, there is some concern that it could negatively impact our domestic economy. We continue to watch this possible development.

BREXIT – Great Britain is still attempting to detach from the European Union. Will Brexit then open the door for other member countries to disengage? Given the strong growth run of the markets, we have recently begun to lighten our exposure and raise cash in some of the equity positions. As always, we continue to monitor economic signals and indicators in order to achieve our optimal objectives.




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