A September Overview

Global markets have remained volatile over the last few months as slow-burning geopolitical concerns continue to place a ceiling on stocks. Little progress has been made in US/China trade relations, save for a small détente that is not likely to shift the narrative. In Europe, the Brexit malaise endures. Broader Euro-Zone growth has continued to decelerate, while the European Central Bank (ECB) has increased its economic stimulus in an attempt to provide a cushion for Germany and Italy.

Domestically, most data continues to point to a slight slowdown in the US economy over the short-term. Slower growth does not automatically lead to a recession. It simply means we are still growing the economy, just not quite as quickly. Over the intermediate term, we know election years are historically choppy, and we expect this trend to continue for our next election cycle. Over the last few months, we have proactively increased our cash holdings in preparation for this volatility. Again, we are not anticipating a recession at this time, but we do feel it’s prudent to lock in some of our attractive gains from the past year.





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